I will try to keep this going as a running document for Freeware i am currently using, all of which being free for individual use but may require licenses for business.A link at the bottom is to my personal storage containing some of the installs.

 Malwarebytes-My go to malware removal tool.

CCleaner-cleans up broken registry files and temp files, for most users probably wont see a big performance change but if a couple year old computer that’s never been cleared out maybe a different story

Clover 3 –for power users that spend a lot of time in windows explorer this is a miracle worker, makes explorer function like a browser, tabs and favorites

Handbrake– video encoding

ninite– select wanted software and create one install, great for setups when no imaging is available – collection of great tools and applicaitons that do not have to be installed locally on the pc instead you launch them from a usb device

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