equal rights

Totally off topic of anything i would typically write about but since the internet is exploding with this stuff might as well add my two cents.To start off my view is really simple, every American should have the right to practice their beliefs and or values as they please, as long as they do not infringe on another persons individual freedoms. In that I fail to ┬ásee how just because I do or do not approve of who another person loves, that those views should have an affect on the laws of a nation. One persons freedom of religion does not supersede another. The legalizing of gay marriage is not forcing anyone to change there values just confirming that the government can not hold different people to different standards. No catholic priest is forced to marry a LBGT couple, it however forces the government to consider these couple equally to what most consider traditional couples. I my self am not gay nor do i have an abundance of gay friends, I just do not see any legal precedence in a supposed free country to block a homosexual couple from their freedoms… their preference will do me no harm physically or mentally. I could go on, but really I’m just para-phrasing the same thing over and over…. i doubt this will change any ones ming about the subject and i doubt i will get an educated response on why one would think i am wrong to make me change my view. I guess i should be grateful even with a politically charged supreme court (thats a whole other conversation ), occasionally the right decision can be made


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